Truffleland is a company from umbria specialized in the production and sale of mycorrhized truffle plants, in the creation of turnkey truffle plantations and cultivated truffle fields

Truffleland is a company from Umbria that was born from the will of the young family, Luca and Francesco Loreti Urbani, not so much to sell truffle plants to others but to be able to create their own truffières that could certainly be successful. After creating the most beautiful truffle fields in the world and having collecting truffles of superior quality, Truffleland has specialized in the production and sale of mycorrhizal truffle seedlings, in the construction of turnkey truffle plants, cultivated truffle fields, with a team of experts in the field of consultancy in truffle growing always ready to make inspections in Italy and abroad. The plants produced by Truffleland are all regularly certified by accredited bodies throughout the national territory, with very high percentages of mycorrhized roots, often up to 90%. Choosing Truffleland also means having unique guarantees in the world, such as the experience developed on their own lands, the purchase of truffles collected in the lands of customers by Urbani Tartufi with payment on delivery , the willingness to monitor the development and the health of customers’ plantations upon request.

The Truffleland team

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